Many thanks to those who have taken the time to read and post their reviews of  Unbound Birth!  Click on the links to read the reviews in their entirety:

  • Mommio Andretti:  “I read this book in one sitting.  It was THAT good.  THAT easy to read.” 
  • On Birth and Life and India:  “Unbound Birth feels like sitting down with a friend for a chat about the birth experience, rather than listening to a sermon. It’s refreshingly casual.”
  • The Verougstraete Family:  “Unbound Birth by Jenny Yarbrough is exactly what the birthing world needed. Jenny Yarbrough made this book very easy to read and filled it with great information…”
  • Home Sweet Homebodies: “Unbound Birth is all about empowering you to be able to have the experience you want, and it is packed with great information to know if you want to give yourself the best chance possible to birth naturally in the hospital!”
  • Grand Rapids Natural Living:  ”I sure wish I would have had a resource like this back when I had my first.”
  • High Country Parent: “Jenny’s ebook is easy to read, to the point, and like you are having a cup of coffee with her.”
  • Blooming In Japan: ”It’s written simply and without prejudice. I definitely recommend it to women who are pregnant and wanting to be in control of the birth.”
  • Simply Sarah:  “Often I think women are uninformed of their birthing options…  A little education goes a long way.  This book by Jenny is such a helpful resource; a quick read and great way to be informed.”
  • Que Linda!:  “Jenny shares both her personal experience with her 3 little ones and her experience as a childbirth educator throughout the book.  She shows that it’s possible to have a medication-free delivery in a hospital setting.”
  • Home With the Boys:  “I was immediately drawn to Jenny’s book because there are not many resources out there that empower women to try a natural birth in a hospital. It IS possible and Jenny shares her own stories to back this up!”
  • Real Netta:  “This book will enrich, inspire and empower you with information to make quality decisions. It’s a quick read and won’t even dent your wallet.”
  • Pennies and Blessings:  “Unbound Birth will give you all the facts that you need to help you have a positive mindset when entering a hospital setting and the information you need to make an informed decision.”
  • Modern Mrs. Darcy:  “I wish I could have had this information back when I was newly pregnant with our first child: it would have saved me so much hassle.”
  • The Spare Time Continuum:  “I would say that my main sentiment about the book is this: I wish this had been around before I ever started having kids! What a great resource for women approaching motherhood!”
  • The Journey of the Karrs:  “It was a refreshing read, and I am very thankful for the sample birth plan at the end! “