Homemade Gifts : Orange Dream Sugar Scrub.

I think I can officially say that it’s the holiday season!  We might be a couple of days away from Thanksgiving, but I’m well into my Christmas shopping, how about you?  One thing that I really wanted to do this year was make come homemade gifts and the Healthy Living eBook bundle gave me all of the inspiration that I needed!  The great news is that the eBook bundle sold so well that we are bringing it back for Cyber Monday and Tuesday too!

I used Simple Scrubs to Make and Give by Stacy Karen as a jumping off point for this homemade sugar scrub.  This is included in the Healthy Living Bundle that will be available again in one week.  Stacy has several wonderful recipes in her eBook!  This scrub was so incredibly simple to make, I don’t know why I haven’t done this before, honestly.  I used her basic scrub recipe and then added my own essential oil blend, using Sweet Orange Oil, vanilla extract, and a few drops of peppermint oil.  Oh my goodness, I wish this blog had smellavision because it smells dreamy!  I threw a few decorations on the jar and glued a ribbon around the top to  make it Christmasy… it will make the perfect give for a friend or family member!

Stacy includes several other recipes in Simple Scrubs to Make and Give, like Morning Coffee Body Scrub, Fresh Citrus Body Scrub, and Chocolate Lovers Scrub.  They all sound good enough to eat, and they’re all natural, which makes them the perfect gift for an expecting or new mom!  In fact, I’m thinking of making this for my childbirth education class moms as a gift.

But don’t buy Simple Scrubs quite yet!
Be sure to check out the Healthy Living eBook bundle next week, where you’ll find a total of 34 books by 29 authors (including Unbound Birth, by yours truly).  For $29 you’ll have your handmade Christmas gift resource guide in time to make gifts for all of your loved ones!  Plus you’ll get a couple of free bonuses too!  It will be the last chance to get this bundle and it’s just too good to miss!