About The Author

Jenny Yarbrough is a trained childbirth educator with a degree in social work whose passion for guiding women to pursue the birth that they desire started with her first pregnancy. Through her own natural hospital birth experiences and years of empowering, educating, and encouraging women, Yarbrough combines her wealth of personal and professional experience in her first book, Unbound Birth: How to Have a Natural Birth in the Hospital. Unbound Birth is an inspiring collection of natural hospital birth stories where she shares critical information that every expectant mother should know when considering their birthing options. With determination, information, preparation, and support, women are offered the reality of experiencing the beauty of a natural birth within a hospital setting.

“The more I talked to women the more I was astounded by what their doctors did not tell them about interventions and the possible risks that go along with them,” shares Yarbrough. “I was also surprised at how few women knew that you could have a natural birth in the hospital.  Everyone thinks that a home birth is the only option, but it’s not.  I’ve read that thousands of women would like to have a natural hospital birth, but only a fraction actually do. I want to help change that.”

When Yarbrough became pregnant with her first child she learned what an epidural was and the risks that came with it. She started researching natural childbirth and decided that she wanted to birth naturally.  “I was not ready for home birth however, so I began preparing for a natural birth in the hospital,” she said. “That first childbirth experience was the most amazing thing ever and I became passionate about making sure that women know all of their options when it comes to childbirth.”

Stripping away the technical and medical talk that can often scare or intimidate expectant parents, Yarbrough employs not only her personal birth stories but those of other women who have experienced the joy of natural hospital birth. Sharing experience, insight and information that every expectant mother needs, Yarbrough encourages women to believe in themselves and that they can have beautiful births that empower them within their journey as mothers.

Jenny is a yankee transplanted into the south, and she loves it!  Aside from Unbound Birth, she also blogs at The Southern Institute (a creative community), loves to read, listen to music, sew, and play with her children.