Have you always wanted a natural birth but aren’t ready to birth at home?

Do you assume you will have an induction or epidural but are curious about your natural birth options? 

Many women have very clear ideas about what their birth experiences will be like but many don’t know that they have choices when giving birth in the hospital.  Natural birth is not just for home birthers.  

You can have a natural birth in the hospital. All you need is preparation, determination, and encouragement!

Unbound Birth: How to Have a Natural Birth in the Hospital, by Jennifer Yarbrough, is an inspiring collection of natural hospital birth stories where she shares critical information that every expectant mother should know when considering their birthing options. With determination, information, preparation, and support, women are offered the reality of experiencing the beauty of a natural birth within a hospital setting.


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“Unbound Birth provides expectant mothers desiring natural childbirth within a hospital setting practical and realistic guidance from a woman with a wealth of personal and professional experience.  Jenny coalesces her own birth experiences with up to date professional knowledge empowering her readers to make informed decisions regarding childbirth.”  Susanna Trabue, APRN, Ob/Gyn Nurse Practitioner
“Do yourself a favor and read Unbound Birth before you decide what kind of labor and delivery you’d like to have.  I wish this book had been available before I had my first child.  I’m sure I could have squeezed 58 pages into my library and I just may have had a birth I LOVE!”